Descendants of Thomas Davenport of Dorchester, MA

Welcome to my Thomas Davenport website. Eight generations of descendants are included. This database is a compilation of information that has been submitted to me by various other researchers, or has been captured from other online databases.  No effort has been made to verify or correct any submitted data.  It is presented here solely as a sort of "clearing house" so that individual researchers may contact others who have an interest in a particular line of descendancy from Thomas of Dorchester.  Source data is included, showing the name and email address of the submitter, or the database URL for data that was captured from published internet sites.  Notes that were part of the submitted databases are not included.  Please contact the submitter for any additional detail.

old burying ground

Old Burying Ground - Little Compton, Rhode Island

Website updated October 21, 2013

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       (For information on other Davenport lines, visit The Davenport Genealogy Page hosted by  Nevada Jack)

arrow     Link to the Marva Rydalch database
       (Includes exhaustive notes on the ancestry of Edward Wilcox Davenport, including Thomas of Dorchester.)

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       (Includes direct Davenport ancestry, plus data on allied families and ancestries)

arrow Link to the Davenport DNA Study Site
       (The Davenport Surname DNA Project was established to create a growing database of DNA profiles of male Davenport descendants to aid in genealogical research. They are trying to determine if the various Davenport lines in the USA and Britain are related by comparing DNA

arrow  Notable descendants of Thomas Davenport (click on name below to see relationship:)

        arrow  President George W. Bush
        arrow  President William Howard Taft
        arrow  Vice President Charles Gates Dawes
        arrow  Governor James William Dawes

Who to Contact for More Information

I would like to incorporate data on as many Thomas Davenport descendants as possible into this website.  Living people will generally not be included.  If you wish to contribute a GEDCOM file for inclusion, please send it to me at the email address below.  I will integrate it into this site, and will reference your name and email address as the submitter for each listing, so others researching your particular collateral line will be able to contact you directly.  I will not include your notes in the version that appears on this web site.  Many thanks to the people who sent me information that is already included in this database.
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